Brian Rodgers


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Brian Rodgers is a dynamic force at the helm of Worthington Realty, Inc., serving as the Qualifying Broker and bringing a wealth of experience and innovative thinking to every aspect of the real estate industry. With a diverse background that encompasses new developments, property management, and real estate sales, Brian’s visionary leadership has helped shape the Southwest Florida real estate landscape.

Brian’s journey is marked by a commitment to excellence and a track record of success. His unique expertise in start-up communities has been instrumental in overseeing sales at projects such as Arborwood Preserve, Wild Blue, Vista Blue, and Mirada. Responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training, Brian and his assembled teams sold more than $200 million in property each year, with an average home price of $400,000.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Brian’s zest for life is evident in his passion for offshore fishing. Venturing up to 100 miles offshore, Brian thrives on the exhilaration of reeling in big grouper, snapper, and even the lightning-fast wahoo, which can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. This same determination and focus define his approach to real estate, where he consistently navigates challenges and pursues opportunities with unwavering dedication.

Brian possesses a knack for fixing anything and a love for tinkering that knows no bounds. Whether it’s addressing complex real estate intricacies or tackling hands-on projects, Brian’s problem-solving skills and keen attention to detail shine through, making him a trusted resource and leader in his field.

Brian and his wife enjoy spending time gardening, hiking, and working out together. Their mutual commitment to wellness and outdoor exploration reflects Brian’s rounded approach to life and business, where fostering growth and nurturing meaningful connections are vital.

Graduating high school from the small town of Christopher, Illinois, Brian’s roots ground him in a sense of community and authenticity that resonates in every endeavor. He is a proud graduate of Southern Illinois University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. With over 15 years of seasoned experience as a Real Estate Broker and Manager in Southwest Florida, Brian’s legacy is one of integrity, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

In his role as Qualifying Broker, Brian continues to shape the trajectory of Worthington Realty, Inc., driving its success through visionary leadership, a commitment to quality, and a genuine passion for enhancing the lives of clients and communities alike.

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