Tanner Miller

Sales Associate

Tanner Miller , Sales Associate .

Tanner Miller started his real estate career in 2015 in construction management at Pulte Homes. Along the way, he realized that he was not only in the real estate business but was in the business of helping people. In 2017, he officially entered and fell in love with the world of sales. Tanner’s time at Pulte was marked by several accomplishments, including awards such as the Presidents Club, innovation recognition, sales accolades, and survey excellence. More importantly, it was a period of personal growth where he honed the skills necessary to listen, understand, and navigate challenging conversations. This experience gave him a profound sense of confidence in handling objections, overcoming obstacles, and addressing client concerns – skills that would later set him apart in real estate. 

As a sales agent with our team, Tanner brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective. Having sold over 200 homes, he possesses a deep understanding of diverse buyer needs and the ability to uncover their current dissatisfaction and future aspirations. His background spans various facets of the real estate business, from construction best practices to negotiating both sides of a deal, mortgage knowledge, and title expertise. Tanner’s multifaceted experience positions him as a trusted resource for clients.

No two clients are the same, and each transaction presents a unique puzzle to solve. Whether it’s finding creative ways to sell a listing, assisting a new family in their search for their first home, or helping an investor make strategic decisions, Tanner thrives on innovation and continuous learning.

In building strong client relationships and delivering exceptional service, Tanner firmly believes in earning trust through reliability and values honesty above all else. He follows through on commitments and ensures that promises are kept.

Outside of real estate, Tanner’s passion for fitness and nutrition underscores his dedication to well-rounded success. Just as a well-structured exercise program delivers results over time, Tanner approaches his personal and professional life with a plan, focusing on achieving his desired outcomes.

Balancing his career with family life is seamless for Tanner and his wife, Stephanie. They each share a deep appreciation for real estate, design, and development, often finding themselves admiring architectural features during golf cart rides around their neighborhood with their two sons.

As for his interests outside of work, Tanner’s heart belongs to fishing, particularly his passion for Tarpon fishing. The intense focus and absence of distractions required in this pursuit provide him with the perfect escape from work-related concerns. It’s a chance to clear his mind and solve a different kind of puzzle.

With a commitment to excellence, a track record of success, and a holistic approach to life and career, Tanner Miller is Worthy of making a lasting impact on Southwest Florida!

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