Michael Davis

Owner/Sales Associate

Michael Davis' headshot.

As one of the owners of Worthington Realty, Inc., Michael R. Davis proudly brings a wealth of expertise in strategic planning, growth trends identification, property due diligence, research, and marketing. Originally from Leesburg, GA, he has called Fort Myers his home since 2003. With a visionary mindset, Michael plays a crucial role in shaping the culture and future vision of Worthington Realty, always fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and growth.

With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Michael’s passion for learning spans a wide spectrum, encompassing a diverse array of subjects, from philosophy and psychology to history and science. Embracing a genuinely curious and open-minded approach, he seeks to broaden his understanding of various disciplines, finding inspiration in the wisdom of the past as well as the innovations today.

Michael’s career accomplishments are a testament to his leadership and strategic acumen. As the co-founder and former managing director of TerraCap Management, LLC, a private equity commercial real estate fund manager, he was instrumental in sourcing, evaluating, and acquiring over $1.3 billion in private real estate transactions, representing more than 10 million square feet of properties across the United States. His expertise in overseeing property repositioning, hotel asset renovation, and land development management has been pivotal in enhancing property value and delivering exceptional results.

Outside the corporate world, Michael and his wife share a love for running together, embracing an active lifestyle that reflects their dedication to personal growth and perseverance. Whether participating in local races, or exploring new routes in travel destinations, their shared commitment to health serves as a metaphor for their shared journey through life.

Music holds a special place in Michael’s heart. He grew up playing drums, and now enjoys sharing the joy of music with his daughter as they sing and play together. Additionally, he dabbles with the guitar and began working on his piano skills during the challenging times of COVID. Music not only brings him personal joy but also serves as a creative outlet, allowing him to connect with others through its universal language.

As a licensed real estate professional in the State of Florida, Michael’s expertise and genuine leadership contribute significantly to Worthington Realty, Inc.’s success. More than just a leader, he is a mentor who encourages the team to embrace their passions, optimize their strengths, and celebrate their individuality.

About Worthington Realty

Founded in 1989, Worthington Realty is a boutique real estate company specializing in residential sales, rentals and development, predominantly within Lexington Country Club in Fort

Myers and surrounding communities. For more information, please call 239-437-3334 or email info@ftmyersrents.com.