Laura Shipman

Assistant Property Manager

Laura Shipman: Assistant Property Manager

Laura Shipman brings positive energy and proven people skills to her position as Assistant Property Manager at Worthington Realty, Inc. Her background in the service industry, from hosting to managing late-night bars, has equipped her with exceptional customer service and conflict resolution skills, essential for property management. Laura’s quick adaptation from the service sector to real estate showcases her commitment and quick learning capabilities.

In property management, Laura excels in customer interactions, benefiting from her extensive service background. She integrates her signature strengths — Humor, Love, Social Intelligence, Honesty, and Kindness — into her work, improving communication and solving problems efficiently. These qualities have helped Laura quickly become an essential part of the Worthington Realty team, contributing to a positive and effective work environment.

Laura’s approach to maintaining a positive attitude helps her to navigate challenges and inspires those around her. Her aim is to transition into a sales role, using her current experience as a foundation. She believes that understanding different aspects of property management and real estate will prepare her for success in future sales positions and personal investment endeavors.

Laura’s career aspirations are influenced by her family’s history in real estate, motivating her to succeed and grow within the industry. Her goal is to move from property management into sales, applying her knowledge and skills to further her career and personal goals.

At Worthington Realty, Inc., Laura is valued for her quick learning, upbeat nature, and team support. She is committed to leveraging her strengths to enhance team performance and client satisfaction. Laura Shipman is focused on her professional development and is sure to make significant contributions to the Southwest Florida community.

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