Christine Shipman

Property Manager

Christine Shipman: Property Manager

Christine Shipman brings nearly three decades of mortgage industry experience to her role as Property Manager at Worthington Realty. Her transition from mortgage processing to property management reflects her adaptability and dedication to real estate. With a degree in Music and Video Business from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Christine initially entered the mortgage sector unexpectedly but grew to excel in various roles including mortgage processor, junior underwriter, and loan officer.

Her thorough understanding of financial regulations, market trends, and client service has seamlessly transferred into property management, where she has quickly mastered key responsibilities. These include tenant relations, property maintenance oversight, and lease agreement preparation, showcasing her attention to detail and strong organizational skills.

Christine’s workplace success can be attributed to her signature character strengths: Humor, Fairness, Forgiveness, Social Intelligence, and Honesty. Her social intelligence, in particular, has enhanced tenant relations and team dynamics, while her commitment to honesty has built trust and integrity within the workplace.

In her role, Christine aims to maintain positive relationships with tenants through proactive communication and enthusiasm. She utilizes her industry knowledge and client management skills to ensure success in property management. Her approach involves meticulous planning, a strong work ethic, and a focus on delivering excellent results.

Beyond work, Christine is passionate about reading and music, using these interests as creative outlets and sources of inspiration. She values travel and exploration, particularly enjoying tropical locations and the peacefulness of snorkeling. Christine is committed to a healthy work-life balance, emphasizing the importance of self-care and well-being.

Attracted to Worthington for its reputation and values, Christine sees her position as aligning with her long-term goals and personal ethics. She looks forward to contributing to Worthington’s success, particularly by exploring new challenges such as obtaining her real estate license and developing new seasonal rental strategies.

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